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A 6-month online astrology program

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Become a Vaidic astrologer

Steer your life

Understand the effect of planets on your life and course correct them with authentic Vaidic remedies.

Assist others

Decode the mysteries of astrology for others and help them move ahead in life.

Grow spiritually

Learn and live the ancient knowledge through astrology – one of the six limbs of Vaidic wisdom.


Vaidic Jyotish is a two-part online program that will enable you to learn the ancient Indian science of Vaidic astrology at your own pace. Embark on an expedition of knowledge exchange with eight of the best instructors and explore the enigmatic study of planets and their effects on life.

Learn the fundamentals of astrology in 12 modules spread over the course of six-months:

Program Details


6 months4 hours per weekSat & Sun: 7-9 PM IST


Minimum age: 21 yearsEducation: High school graduateProficiency in Mathematics, Logic & English


Minimum 75% attendance mandatorySuccessful completion of all assignments


Vaidic Jyotish – Part I

USD 1,000

Program Highlights

  • Weekly

  • Access recorded
    sessions - anytime, anywhere

  • Ask the experts

  • Certificate of

Program Benefits

Understand people and situations better

Learn to read astrological charts to understand yourself and others better. Gain an insight into why people and situations are the way they are.

Learn to use time to your advantage

Your planetary positions have an impact on every decision you take. Learn to find the auspicious time for all your plans and use it to your advantage.

Strengthen your tomorrow with astrology

Discover your strengths and weaknesses using astrological predictions and step into the future with a sense of surety and purpose.

Preserve the ancient knowledge

Vaidic knowledge, including astrology, was passed down by sages for the benefit of future generations. Join the lineage and preserve this knowledge for the generations to come.

Our Instructors

Manak Sharma

20+ years experience in Jyotish

Engineer by profession, and Administrator of Veda Agama Samskrutha Maha Patashala

Ashutosh Chawla

20+ years experience in Jyotish

MBA graduate, and Administrator of Vaidic Dharma Sansthan

Usha Kumari

25 years experience in Jyotish

Resident astrologer at Vaidic Dharma Sansthan

Alok Khandelwal

12 years experience in Jyotish

CEO and founder of numerous organization

Sagar Patwardhan

14 years experience in Jyotish and Palmistry

Practicing Ayurveda Doctor, palmist, and astrologer

Katti Narahari

40+ years experience in Jyotish

Global Head of SAP Technologies

Astrology makes you see beyond your immediate situation. You then know that all these negative emotions are only for a short time, and it is going to change. You gain some unknown inner strength from this.

~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for this program?

Anyone above the age of 21 years with a minimum educational qualification of high school graduation can apply for the Vaidic Jyotish program. Proficiency in mathematics, logic, and English is preferred. All the applications will be screened by our expert panel, and the shortlisted candidates will undergo a phone interview. Candidates who clear the phone interview will be eligible to participate in the program.

What will I learn from this program?

This 6-month program will cover all the aspects of astrology in-depth. The theoretical guidance along with assignments and practicals will assure that you achieve expertise. Master the art of reading astrological charts, learn to determine Muhuratam, understand the purpose of your life, and a lot more with this program.

How and when can I access this program?

The live sessions of this program will be held every Saturday and Sunday between 7-9 PM IST. In case you are unable to attend a live session, recorded sessions will be available for you to watch at a time of your convenience.

Are there any minimum technical requirements to participate in this program?

Yes. You will need a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet to watch the live or recorded sessions. A good internet connection will also be required for a seamless viewing experience.

Will I become an astrologer after this program?

Upon the successful completion of both the parts of the Vaidic Jyotish program, you will receive a certificate of completion and will be eligible to practice astrology.

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